Rapid Deployment. Relocatable. 20+ years lifespan

Now Shelter Tent manufactures high quality aluminum military tent for army. We are dedicated to offer temporary structures for military dining facility, training & gym hall, or even equipment storage. All the clearspan structures that we offer are:

  • Framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy.
  • Connected with hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Covered with blackout opaque vinyl tarpaulin.
  • Firmly installed onto the ground with flexible fixation method

Giving them the advantages of stainless, wind withstand, flame retardant, water proof, and share a 20+ years life span. Such a modular structure can be installed and uninstalled into parts within hours or days,making it truly possible for rapid response. The custom design service that we offer allows you to customize the tarp color, ranging from dark blue, military camouflage to khaki and ect.

Military Tent For Humanitarian Relief

After the disaster, the humanitarian relief from all countries can make the victims regain their confidence in life. At the mean time, a safe shelter is the most critical need for all victims. And Shelter is dedicated to offer durable aluminum tents to help. They are served as refugee shelter, temporary clinic, temporary canteens or emergency materials storage for disaster management.

surplus tents-medical tents-soldier sleeping ward-emergency first aid shelter-qurantine triage tents (3)

Hoop Style Surplus Tents For Military Shelter System

Military fabric building in hoop/tunnel shape for base camp construction…

Large Military Tents to Cover Temporary Dining Area – Sun shade Barrack Tents

Rapid Deployment, Relocatable, Clear Span Military Tents for General Purpose.

General Purpose Military Tent System – Rapid Deployment Military Shelter Solutions

Cost-effective Clearspan Fabric Tent Shelter Solutions for Military Base Camp.

8m Military Shelter Tents with Ventilation Windows for Temporary Soldier Barracks

Rapid Deployment, Modular Army Tents for Temporary Soldier Housing Solutions.

Multi-purpose Tents for Temporary Military Camp Construction

Military Grade Tents for Soldier camp, field hospital, camp warehouse.

Insulated Army Tent for Military Base warehouse

Insulated-Fabric roof surronding with Solid-Wall for Temporary Storage, Soldier Camp.

Rapid Deployment Shelters For Emergency Response

Aluminum-Alloy structured durable tent for live-relief or reconstruction shade, etc.

Storage Tents with Sandwich Panel for Civil Projects

Structured with Aluminum-Alloy, Surrounded by Sandwich-Panel, tent for civil-project-construction.