Cost effective temporary structure solutions from SHELTER - Robust clear span tents to shelter military base camp.

As the leading clear span tent manufacturer in China, SHELTER has dedicated to providing high-quality tents solutions to rapidly erected military base camp. Our army tent systems have been widely applied to build temporary soldier housing and dining tent, military camp warehouse, and disaster relief shelters. As an official UN tent supplier, our products have gain trusted from military defenses of multiple countries. SHELTER is the tent supplier you can trust.

  • A rapid deployment, prefabricated military tent structures can be widely applied in an army base camp construction project. Clear span modular tents solutions can be offered to construct temporary sleeping quarters, outdoor kitchen and dining area, military warehouse buildings, military aircraft hangars and etc.

    Military Storage Tent

    Rapid deployment and modular clear span tent builds and expands storage space for military supplies and equipments.

    MRO Aircraft Hangar

    Aircraft hangar in the clear span widths from 10m to 60m, eave height from 4m to 13m to cover aviaiton maintenance.

    Military Training Center

    Waterproof roofing structures cover outdoor venues for military daily training and temporary conference room.

    Vehicle Sunshade Tent

    Frame tent structures offer sun shade shelters for outdoor maintenance proces and military trucks and tanks parking .

    Military Sleeping Quarters

    Clear span military tents installed with ventilation windows offer temporary housing solutions for soldier camp and disaster relief shelters.

    Military Kitchen & Dining

    Modular fabric tents installed with lamps and catering facilities for temporary kitchen and dining hall on field.

    Field Hospital & Relief Tent

    Detachable, relocatable and portable sanitary tents for field hospital and temporary red cross tent for emergency response.

    Temporary Command Room

    Robust tent structures covering with blockout PVC tarp provide temporary command offices and coordination Center.

  • A rapid deployment, prefabricated military tent structures can be widely applied in an army base camp construction project. Clear span modular tents solutions can be offered to construct temporary sleeping quarters, outdoor kitchen and dining area, military warehouse buildings, military aircraft hangars and etc.

  • Framework
  • Main Profile
    • Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
    • Features: Stainless, Light weight
    • Roof Fabric: 650g/sqm white PVC tarpaulin; 780g/sqm Military Standard canvas; 850g/sqm block-out canvas.
    • Wall Material: 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC Canvas, Sandwich Panel, ABS Solid Wall, Corrugated Steel Panel. (All the color can be custom designed)
    • Features: Waterproof, UV resistance, Fire Retardant (EU Standard: DIN4102,B1,M2; US Standard: NFPA701)
    Components: Superior Enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel.

    quality test of shelter temporary tent products

  • Model & Dimensions
  • Model Width (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Bay Distance (m) Max. Wind Load
    M010005 10 3.95 5.60 5 100km/h
    M011005 11 3.95 5.75 5 100km/h
    M015005 15 3.95 6.40 5 100km/h
    M016005 16 3.95 6.55 5 100km/h
    M020005 20 3.95 7.30 5 100km/h
    M021005 21 3.95 7.35 5 100km/h
    M025005 25 3.95 7.96 5 100km/h
    M030005 30 4.00 8.95 5 100km/h
    L030005 30 4.03 8.84 5 120km/h
    L035005 35 4.03 9.80 5 120km/h
    L040005 40 4.03 10.40 5 120km/h
    L050005 50 4.03 13.90 5 120km/h
    Model Width
    Ridge Height
    Bay Distance
    Max. Wind Load
    T018005 18 8.79 5 120km/h
    T020005 20 9.17 5 120km/h
    T025005 25 10.30 5 120km/h
    T030005 30 11.30 5 120km/h
    T035005 35 12.85 5 120km/h
    T040005 40 13.95 5 120km/h
    T045005 40 15.15 5 120km/h
    T050005 50 16.30 5 120km/h
    T060005 60 19.50 5 120km/h
    Model Width (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Bay Distance (m) Max. Wind Load
    MT006003 6 2.27 3.36 3 100km/h
    MT008003 8 2.27 3.36 3 100km/h
    S004003 4 2.70 3.41 3 100km/h
    S005003 5 2.70 3.59 3 100km/h
    S008003 8 2.70 4.20 3 100km/h
    S010003 10 2.70 4.53 3 100km/h
    S012003 12 2.70 4.87 3 100km/h
    Ridge Height
    Frame Pipe Size
    Max. Windload
    6m/ 20ft 3m/ 10ft Φ20×1.5 80 - 100km/h
    10m/ 32ft 5m/ 16ft Φ32×2 80 - 100km/h
    15m/ 50ft 7.5m/ 25ft Φ38×2 80 - 100km/h
    0m/ 65ft 10m/ 32ft Φ48×3 80 - 100km/h
    25m/ 82ft 12.5m/ 40ft Φ48×3 80 - 100km/h
    30m/ 98ft 13m/ 42ft Φ60×3 80 - 100km/h
    35m/ 115ft 14m/ 45ft Φ60×3 80 - 100km/h
    40m/ 130ft 15m/ 50ft Φ76×4 80 - 100km/h
    Note: Geodesic dome shelters are framed with Powder Coated Steel Pipe. And frequency is optional among 3v 4v 5v 6v.
    • Note: Custom design on width, length, and eave height within from 4m to 8m are also available.

  • More than just a temporary fabric structures designer and manufacturer, SHELTER is also the warehouse tent facilities provider to offer a completed temporary structure solution. We sell military buildings attached with warehouse doors, insulated wall system and ventilation system as well.

    Sandwich Panel Wall
    ABS Solid Plastic Wall
    Trapezoidal Steel Wall
    710g/sqm Blockout PVC
    Clamshell Hangar Door
    Roller Shutter Door
    Bifold Hangar Door
    Roll up PVC Door
    Insulated Ventilation Window
    Industrial Warehouse Lighting

  • A durable and yet weather-resistant shelter tent system for a robust base camp is really essential for military defense missions. And SHELTER has always been dedicated to providing high-quality temporary tent shelter to military defense worldwide. See the comparison and know more our products quality.

    Main Profile
    Military tent  from SHELTER is framed with T6061/T6 hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, which is with hot dip galvanized surface treatment.
    Profile Size
    The framework of a temporary structure is with enforced ribs design to relatively connect the main profile, and enhance loading capacity.
    Components Cutting
    Components and connectors for the temporary structures are precisely cut, 100% matched and firmly jointed, and yet easily detached.
    Production Technology
    We use the advanced CNC cutting & drilling equipment and welding machinery to ensure the high precision of the main profile and PVC fabric.
    Polishing & Antirust
    The screw holes are polished carefully, riveted by high-quality metal tube, and being through antirust process to make it smooth, robust and durable.
    Covering PVC Quality
    Military grade tents from SHELTER are covered with high-quality PVC coated polyester fabrics that ar UV blocking, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-tear.

  • As a frame tent manufacturing company with rich experiences in selling clear span tent products worldwide to support military defense, SHELTER has formed a complete service process to satisfy our clients.

    Project Introduction
    Our sales will get detailed information about your project to work out a proper solution.
    Offer Tent Solution
    Sales team from SHELTER will offer suitable solution according to requirements and budget.
    Tent Quotation
    Once you confirmed our solution. We offer you an affordable and cost-effective quotation.
    Arrange Production
    Punctuality & Quality: Each step of production is taken precisely according to time table.
    Installation Test
    Every tent products have been through quality inspection and installation test before shipping.
    Worldwide Delivery
    We offer door to door timely delivery service to every countries around the world.
    Installation Instruction
    We can send our installation supervisor to your job site and help with the installation.
    Maintenance Support
    We take care of your tent maintenance, If any components and parts are needed.
    • (Note: Mechanical calculation report showing the structural load requirements and engineering calculations can also be provided for temporary structure permit application.)

  • Please feel free to send us your needs and require for a cost-effective quotation.




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