Rapid Deployment Shelters For Emergency Response

A Temporary Shelter Firmly Framed with Aluminum Alloy

Constructed with Stainless Aluminum Alloy and connected with hot galvanized surface steel components, Shelter provides water-proof live relief tent showing the advantages of flame retardant and wind loading at the speed of 100km/h, giving a stable shelter for further reconstruction.

Advantages of Aluminum Temporary Shelter

  • 100% relocatable, Expandable – These tents do not require a permanent foundation. They can be placed on most level grounds like asphalt, concrete or grass, with damaging the floor.
  • Fast construction – They can be quickly constructed within days or week onto existing concrete surfaces and dismantled/removed as quick.
  • Insulated, Water-Proof, Wind Load – After special treatment, the PVC Fabric Roof gain the performances of water-proof, sun-blocking and flame retardant, reducing the temperature inside the tent.
  • Easy to Transport and Storage – They are constructed pieces to pieces, making them take up little space for transport and storage.
  • Maximize utilization – compared to traditional brick structures, a temporary shelter tent without beams shows no waste of covering area.

Turnkey Solution

We offer bespoke services to meet your need in other usages. Here is the specification overview:
Size: clear span structure in a width of 3m to 60m.
Length: available in unlimited lengths.
Shape: Thermo Roof, Classic A Roof, Arch Roof, Tensioned Fabric Structure
Side Wall Material: ABS Solid Wall, Sandwich Panel, Color Steel Panel, PVC Fabric.
Accessories: Doors, Windows, Air Conditioner, etc.

Shelter tents for temporary shelter provide effective and reliable shelter solutions anywhere, any size, any time. After 13-year experience in manufacturing and selling, we know structures and also we know how to serve better.

Framework Overview

Main Profile

  • Available Size: 94mmx48mmx3mm,
  • Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Features: Stainless, Lightweight


  • Roof Fabric: 650g/sqm white PVC tarpaulin; 710g/sqm Military-grade PVC fabric; 850g/sqm block-out PVC.
  • Wall Material: 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC, Sandwich Panel, ABS Solid Wall, Steel Panel Wall.
    (All the color can be custom designed)
  • Features: Waterproof, UV resistance, Fire Retardant(DIN4102,B1,M2)

Components: Superior Enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel.

Product Dimension


(Small Tent - Gazebo Canopy)
(Canvas Color: Camouflage)
(Tarpaulin Color: Khaki)
(Side Wall Color: Dark Green)
Model Width (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Bay Distance (m) Longest Part (m) Max wind load
MT006003 6 2.27 3.36 3 3.30 80km/h
MT008003 8 2.27 3.36 3 4.30 80km/h

*Customized design on size can also be made to meet specific need.




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