Fastly Installed .  Relocatable . Weather Resistant

Shelter offer those modular structures to be used as workshop buildings. Due to the advantages of the structure itself, all the temporary workshop can be fastly installed within hours or days. Without any specific requirements for the installation site, the temporary workshop structures can be fixed onto the grand without any solid foundation, and easily disassemble after using.  No matter the roof material or the aluminum frame work has been done special treatment and proved to be water proof, flame retardant, sun-blocking, wind withstand and snow load.  Therefore, they are also popular as an insulated warehouse building or commercial merchandise store & stock.

Custom Designed Detail for A Workshop Structure

Shelter is honored to offer those insulated structure for your production, maintenance, assembly or even product development workshop or even working offeice. They are available in the width from 20m to 60m. You are also allowed to extend thecovering floor area by adding 5m units. And the optional roof shape will be classic “A” frame, inflatable thermal roof, arched roof, double deck office, and even polygon tent. Let along essential equipments such as lamp, air conditioning, windows, we also offer turnkey solutions to help you design a perfect workshop for your business.

Frame Tents in 6m Height for Workshops and Warehouse Storage

Temporary Warehouse Structures in width of 15m/20m/40m/50m for Industrial Factory

Arch Roof Workshop Building for Production & Assembly

Temporary workshop for urgent-need of producing space or warehouse afterwards.

Classic A Roof Workshop Building For Car Maintenance

Maintenance shelter with Trapezoidal steel panel wall for automobile repair

Industrial Tent for Assembly Line Canopy

Large Tent for Industrial-Assembly-Line with Insulated-PVC-Fabric to ensure production process.

Thermo Roof Logistics Warehouse with Custom Design Height

Durable Aluminum-Alloy Tent Warehouse for company warehouse or distribute center.