life-support facilities in remote areas

When it comes to providing a comfortable and secure living environment for military personnel, Shelter is the go-to choice for expeditionary base camps. Our base camps are designed to meet the specific needs of troops and provide them with a range of life-support facilities in remote areas.

Our base camps are fully customizable and provide optimal comfort and autonomy in even the harshest environments. A typical setup includes accommodations or dormitories, washrooms, laundry rooms, facilities for food preparation and storage, water treatment, and distribution of fuel. In addition, we provide room for power generation, watchtowers, hangars for aircraft and vehicle storage, waste incinerators, as well as office space and medical facilities.

Modular and flexible in any capacity

At Shelter, we understand the importance of providing maximum flexibility to our customers. That's why our expeditionary base camps are modular and can easily be adapted in size and configuration. Our camps are made of standardized, off-the-shelf components and tent elements that are interchangeable and compatible with each other.

Comfort and safety are our top priorities

Comfort and safety are our top priorities when it comes to military personnel. That's why we strive to make our expeditionary base camps as homey as possible, with sufficient room and adequate amenities for each person. Our design department calculates the surface, water, and energy requirements of your camp based on troop capacity, incorporating work shifts and peak demand times, as well as noise reduction and air-conditioning needs.

2.5 * 2 * 2.5m

Connect Tunnel

The tunnel can help to connect two or more military tents. They are flexible and can easily be adapted in size and configuration.
6 * 9 * 3m

Expeditionary camp

Our expeditionary base camps usually contain a mix of tented living quarters, to provide mobile accommodation in remote areas, where access to water and electricity is scarce.
8 * 18 * 3m

Mobile field hospitals

Our mobile field hospitals are intended to function as rapidly deployable health care facilities under critical conditions, such as conflicts or natural disasters.


8m (26ft)



Eave height

3m (10ft)

Ridge height

Max. 4m (13ft)

Bay distance

3m (10ft)

Outer PVC fabric


High productivity with German-made Standard

We are proud to be the first tent company in China to incorporate German CNC production technology, delivering top-quality, high-precision tents. Our team of experts is intimately familiar with our products, guaranteeing high productivity. We meticulously follow the ISO 9001:2020 production standards throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring our products are built to meet the same exacting standards as German-made products.

Ensure the smooth process

To ensure quick and smooth setup, we provide detailed structural drawings and installation instructions. We always offer comprehensive guidance and project implementation plans for your convenience.

Professional extreme condition calculations

We offer a comprehensive military tent solution, providing not only tents and structures, but also HVAC, lighting, doors, and motors. Our solution ensures swift deployment in remote area where with limited resource. We conduct professional extreme condition calculations and analyses to guarantee that our tents can be erected in any local climate.

Experienced in armed forces and product development

Since our establishment, we have been a trusted partner to armed forces and the United Nations, leveraging our development expertise to enhance the protection of personnel, aircraft, and equipment through ongoing product improvements. We prioritize both product design optimization and development, as well as building long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients. Through close collaboration with our customers, we keep a keen eye on emerging market trends and new aviation technologies, constantly refining our products to meet the changing needs of our valued clients.

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Rapid Deployment Solution

Inflatable Tent

Shelter is offering rapid deployment solutions for military base camps, emergency medical tent, and disaster shelter.

Aircraft Hangar

Shelter is offering rapid deployment solutions for military base camps, emergency medical tent, and disaster shelter.
Rapid delopyment solution

Rapid delopyment solution

Shelter is offering rapid deployment solutions for military base camps, emergency medical tent, and disaster shelter.