Hoop Style Surplus Tents For Military Shelter System

As you can imagine, joining the army life always means living in the wild or remote area all year round. And all the basic living facilities including soldiers’ sleeping quarters, field hospitals, dining areas, as well as training facilities are mostly erected with modular tent system.

Comparing to an aluminum clearspan structure that is robust but heavy. And requires heavy machinery for installing a tent in wide width. Shelter has developed hoop fabric building that is a much lighter and faster deployment for field camp.

Army/Military Hoop Fabric Building for Military Base Camp Construction

  • Structural data of the fabric structure.

Tunnel shaped fabric buildings from Shelter are the steel structures composed of hot-dip galvanized pipe. And covered with 650g/sqm PVC fabric on the exterior roof as well as 280g/sqm PVC fabric for the interior layer.

  • Tent dimension.

The standard hoop tent measures 6m (20ft) in width, 2.4m (8ft) in bay distance, and 3m (10ft) in height.
Of course, larger hoop tents in customized dimensions can also be made for other applications, please contact to customize.

  • Accessories.

Accessories including PVC mosquito window, zipper doors, lightings, power panel and wires for a better living environment, ground pegs for fixation, and repair kits and wooden crate packaging are all optional according to different purposes of the tent.

  • Multi-purpose.

In addition to the military field hospital and barrack tent, the hoop tent in different dimensions are also for a rapid build-up equipment and facilities storage, food service shelter or even fighter jet hangar.

Relief Tent For Humanitarian Medical Shelter

When unpredictable disasters occur, governments and the military need to have the ability to respond quickly. And offer relief materials and medical and health assistance to the victims as soon as possible.

About SHELTER relief tent system
Therefore, whether the tent is easy to build and stable enough to prevent secondary damage will be the critical factor for a qualified relief tent.
To cope with the purpose, apart from the surplus tents with a metal framework, Shelter has developed the inflatable medical tents that can be set up in 5 minutes for disaster relief.

Both the two designs are rapid deployment, detachable and transportable. Both the two designs are rapid deployment, detachable and transportable. The inflatable one requires a shorter installation period, but lack of weather resistance performance. While the Surplus fabric building is stronger in wind resistance.

Buy Hoop Fabric Building For Military Camp and Emergency Response

Surplus tents from Shelter are manufactured under strict production arrangements and quality control processes to ensure timely delivery and high quality.
And each unit will be packed up within a wooden crate to prevent unnecessary damage during transportation.
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