Aluminum Structure for Aircraft Hangar

Now that we present to you the tensile fabric structures – the heart-shaped structures to make aircraft hangar. The unique heart-shaped design, make the hangar tent wider and taller than other general models, giving full access to any aircraft. And the curved roof design also prevents the rain and snow from accumulating on the roof not only reducing the load burden on the roof but also increasing the lifespan. If you are looking for a sun shade for military fighter, airbus, private jet, large & medium size of passenger aircraft, then you might find your solutions here.

Other Clear Span Tent Designs For Aviation Industry

Let along being used as aircraft hangar, our tent structures are also a durable cover for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance workshop. We offer clear span tents selling in the width from 20m to 60m and unlimited length. Other roof shapes such as classic “A” frame, curved roof, double layer inflatable roof for your different kinds of needs.

Aircraft Hangar Tents Manufacture in China

With the development of the aviation industry, SHELTER has been…

40x40m Air Plane Hangar for Temporary Interjet Aircraft Storage

Fabric MRO Hangar in 12.40m height for code-C Sukho-Superjet-100

Clamshell Airplane Hangar with Electro-mechanical Door System

Insulated Modular Structure for Clamshell Airport Hangar with Electromechanical Door.

High Quality Fabric Air Hangar with Two Membrane-clad Roof

Double Layer Covered Air Hangar for an Insulated Aircraft Shelter.

Aviation Hangar – Insulated Fabric Structure for Sale

Aviation Hangar - Large Structure for Commercial or Military Aircraft.

Clearspan Hangar Building Design – Prefab Airplane Shelter For Sale

Prefabricated Tension Fabric Hangar From Shelter Hangar Construction Company.

Samll Helicopter Hangar for Military Jet or Private Plane

Tension Fabric Structures for Military Jet & Private Helicopter Hangar.

Rapid Erected Jet Hangar with Ventilation System and Doors

Relocatable & Semipermanent Jet Hangar with ventilation system, hangar doors.

Military Clamshell Hangar – Eyelid Aircraft Shelter For Sale

Tension Fabric Structure for Confidential and Rapid Deployment Military Hangar.

Aluminum Framed Military hangar – Fast Erected Jet Shelter in Base Camp

Relocatable Insulated Military Hangar Buildings Solutions from Shelter Warehouse Construction

Airplane Hangar – Tensioned Fabric Structure for Sale

Airplane Hangar - (Semi-) Permanent Storage & Maintenance Canopies.

Modular Roof Structures for Vehicle and Aircraft Shelter

Modular Aircraft Shelter - The Modular Hangar Medium Aeroplane.

35x40m Tensile Fabric Structures for Airplane Hangar

Tensile Fabric Structures - Your Excellent Working Environment

Semi permanent Airbus Boeing Hangar For Sale – Aluminum Framed Shelter

Indulated Aircraft Hangar Buildings Enclosed With Overhead Roller Shutter Doors