Multi-purpose Tents for Temporary Military Camp Construction

What is essential to be included in a military base camp construction?

A complete construction of a military camp should at least be included:

  • Temporary military office or combat Operations Center.
  • Modular field hospital for daily healthy care or combat support hospital.
  • Temporary field kitchen and canteen for soldiers to have lunch and dinner.
  • Soldier camp with flexible bunk bed layout pattern for a temporary dormitory.
  • Camp warehouse for military equipment and supplies storage.
  • Fabric structures for armored trucks, military Vehicle shelters and aircraft hangars.

Shelter Tent is a reliable manufacturer of rapid deployment, modular, temporary structures to support a military base camp construction project. We have rich experienced selling military shelters to military defense of many countries.

What makes Shelter’s relief tent system suitable for a military camp construction?

Military tent system from Shelter is the modular tent that framed with stainless hard pressed aluminum alloy, and enclosed with hot dip galvanized steel components. The clear span structure share a lifespan of 20+ years.

When it comes to the roofing, the tent shelters are covered with 780g/m2 or 850g/m2 military grade tarpaulin. Such a high-quality framework and covering material gives it the features of:

  1. fast erected, disassembled, and relocatable.
  2. unlimitedly, modularly expanded.
  3. light weighted, easily transported.
  4. Weather resistant: 80km/h – 100km/h ( 50 to 60 MPH) wind withstand, waterproof, flame retardant, sun blocking.
  5. Without installation site restrictions, no solid foundation needed.

Military camp design and construction service from Shelter

Let along professional manufacturing technology that involves with accurate CNC cutting technology, we also build a designing team to offer 3 dimensions mock up and overall layout design service.
Being in the industry for over 14 years, and selling all kinds of modular tent products to over 20 countries including United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Pakistan, India, and others. Shelter knows structures and understands you better.

Tell us the applications and size demand. And let us help you work out the best military camp solutions.

Framework Overview

Main Profile

  • Available Size: 94mmx48mmx3mm,
  • Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Features: Stainless, Light weight


  • Roof Fabric: 650g/sqm white PVC tarpaulin; 780g/sqm Military Standard canvas; 850g/sqm block-out canvas.
  • Wall Material: 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC Canvas, Sandwich Panel, ABS Solid Wall, Color Steel Panel.
    (All the color can be custom designed)
  • Features: Waterproof, UV resistance, Fire Retardant(DIN4102,B1,M2)

Components: Superior Enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel.

Product Dimension


(Small Tent - Gazebo Canopy)
(Canvas Color: Camouflage)
(Tarpaulin Color: Khaki)
(Side Wall Color: Dark Green)
Model Width (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Bay Distance (m) Longest Part (m) Max wind load
MT006003 6 2.27 3.36 3 3.30 80km/h
MT008003 8 2.27 3.36 3 4.30 80km/h

*Customized design on size can also be made to meet specific need.




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