Dia.3m to 30m Fabric Dome Shelters For Mining Camp Construction

Are you looking for relocatable and durable dome shelters to construct a mining camp for miner accommodations, temporary canteen or break area, and even mining emergency shelter. But where to find rapid deployment, weather resistant, long lifespan and economical mining shelter solutions? SHELTER is a trustworthy mining shelters supplier that offer high quality tents to support your mining business.

Geodesic dome shelters – Relocatable tent solution for mining camp construction

What makes dome shelters the ideal structure for mining camp construction project in the remote area?

  1. Rapid deployment. The steel tubes are in big amount, but the category is few. Which means the dome shelters in Dia.5m to 10m can be easily assembled in two hours with a crew of 3.
  2. Portable and Relocatable. Not just fast erected, the dome tents are also detachable and relocatable. And the steel tubes are short in length which save storage space when transportation and warehousing.
  3. Strong wind resisted. Differ from the general purpose pole tent, the geo dome tent is the stable structure that closes to a spherical geodesic dome, which makes it available to withstand wind at the speed up to 120km/h (75mph).
  4. Without installation site restriction. Shelter offers flexible fixation method to help you build a mining camp without needing any pre-set foundations.

Multi-Functional Dome Shelters to Protect mining process

Dome shelters from SHELTER are all without interior support columns to allow maximum usable area. Therefore, the accommodation domes allow flexible bunk bed or canteen table layout method.

In order to cater to more diverse needs and provide a more completed product line to mining camp construction, Shelter has expanded the dome type and size. We sells geodesic dome structure in dimensions from 3 meters to 80 meters in diameter. Making the sphere dome tent perfectly apply to coverall fabric building, temporary lunch and dinner area, and mineral warehouse.

Let along the dome structures, we also offer “A” frame modular warehouse and tension fabric structures in an aluminum framework to provide more durable warehouse structures for heavy machinery.

Dome Data


(Half Transparent, Half paque Dome Tent )
(Wholly Transparent Dome)
(Glass Dome House)
(Geodesic Dome Covered with Polycarbonate Sheets )
Diameter (m) Covering Area (m2) Frame Material Cover Material Windows
5 19.63 Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6 (Stainless);
Round Net Base (Optional);
Steel Connectors.
Optional Material
650g/sqm, 950g/sqm PVC Tarpaulin;
Reinforced Glass;
Polycarbonate Panel;
Aluminum Composite Panel;
Solar Panel.
Triangle Pieces.
Color Options for PC Panel
Dark gray; Dark green; Blue; Black;
Triangle Windows on the Top;
Openable Windows on the side;
Eletric Drive Windows
Aluminum Single & Double Wing Doors;
Aluminum Folding Doors
6 28.26
7 38.48
8 50.24
9 63.59
10 78.50
15 176.6
20 314
25 490.6
30 706.5

*Customized design on size can also be made to meet specific need.




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