Temporary Storage Structure with Warehouse Office

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Solutions: M/L Series warehouse structures with S Series small office tent.

Temporary Storage Structure with Office Space

A modern warehouse should contain at least one warehouse office to achieve timely and high-efficient warehouse management. Not to mention that a logistics warehouse normally requires one receiving office and another shipping office. Which makes the number increase to 2 or more.

Thus, the design of a large warehouse holding one or more small tents perfectly meet such a request.

Dimension Range For Temporary Storage Structure and Office Tent

As tents from Shelter are all clearspan structures without interior columns or poles. Pallet racks or shelves can be set according to layout design. And so can the office tents. 

The large temporary storage structure can either be an M series in width from 10m to 30m or an L series in 30m – 50m wide. And the standard height is 3.95m and 4.00m. Surely, custom made height is also available.
While the office tent is an S series structure in widths of 3m – 12m, and 2.70m for the eave height.

Shelter does not only aim at providing robust temporary storage structure to solve urgent needs. But also designing the warehouse with utility and functionality.

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