Civil and Military Aircraft Shelter With Hangar Door Solutions

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Aircraft Hangar Solution With Door to Better Cover Outdoor Plane Parking

To be a qualified temporary civil and military aircraft shelter, the hangar building should at least be rapidly deployed, robust, harsh weather resistant, which includes good performance in heat insulation, windload and snowload. But those are only the basic requirements.

As to meet higher standards of hangar security level and extreme weather resistant performance, hangar structures from SHELTER can come with the door and extra support solution as below.

  • Aircraft hangars with door solutions.
  • Hangar structures with exterior support span. (Please turn to hangares with additional support for more details.)

Here we will talk about the 3 hangar doors offered by SHELTER.

3 Hangar Door Designs for Commercial & Military Aicraft Shelter

Available on all series, including M L Arch Polygon Tfs Series.

The hangar structure with door protects the aeroplane, maintenance machinery and staff from heavy rain and snow, extreme sunlight exposure, and strong wind. As also, it forms a relatively enclosed environment to allows the installation of air-conditioning and exhaust fans for building a better working environment. [click on temperature control and air circulation system to view solutions]

  • Roll up shutter door.
The overhead rolling doors can be either with or without a steel door frame. And its width, length, and height are customizable according to your hangar structure.
heavy duty military hagnar structures with roll up shutter door

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  • Sliding Bi-fold Hangar Door
Shelter Warehouse provides sliding door also known as bottom rolling hangar door or top-guided door to be installed on the hangar building. It protects maintenance and assembly from unstable weather condition.

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  • Hoist-up Fabric Clamshell Door
The hangar with electrical clamshell door is specially designed for army and military aircraft shelter. The door is composed of dismantlable aluminum profile and PVC fabric. Giving it the performance of rapid deployment and portable.
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military army navy hangar buildings-military fighter hangar structures with hoist up fabric clamshell door

Hangar doors are only used as additional facilities for temporary structures from SHELTER. We DON’T sell it separately.