Outdoor Durable Aluminum Frame Storage Tent

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to keep your goods safe or you need protection for your products in places where you either can’t erect a permanent building or you want the flexibility to relocate it as needed, you’ll want to consider purchasing an aluminum frame storage tent.


Read the following guidelines into account while you are searching for the best storage tent, in this case, you know exactly what to look for.


  1. Determine the size of the aluminum frame storage tent that would work best for you. The smaller tents usually don’t require any tools and can be quickly set up by only one person. Bigger ones will need a few tools and an extra set of hands.


  1. Review the storage tent’s materials to ensure it is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. For example, the Chile Storage Tents come up with waterproof, UV protection, as well as a heavy-duty steel frame and footpads for stability against the wind. The sturdiest frames on the market are made of steel. Tin, aluminum, and polyester are other options, with polyester sitting at the bottom of the strength list. It’s the easiest to use and extremely flexible but it won’t be durable over time. If you go with the strong steel, ensure it is either galvanized or powder-coated to protect from rust and corrosion.


  1. Examine the design of the tent’s roof next. Keep the weather and usage of the tent in mind before you purchase one. Aluminum frame storage tent with a peaked roof design is the best at keeping rain or snow from collecting on the roof and causing mold or mildew to grow. If you do go with a rounded top version, the cover should be tightly stretched on the frame and there should be no slack whatsoever for the rain to pool.


In opencast mines, workers are exposed to noise from many types of machinery, equipment and process, strong wind, heavy down pours. This storage tent is designed to work in the toughest environments, so as to block the unwanted atmosphere. Moreover, it can be found in mining applications and offshore industries worldwide. Our tent also can be found as a break tent command, as well as accommodation.

Framework Overview

Main Profile

  • Available Size: 112mmx203mmx4mm, 166mmx88mmx3mm, 120mmx200mmx4mm, 120mmx250mmx4mm
  • Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Features: Stainless, Light weight


  • Roof Fabric: 650g/sqm white PVC tarpaulin, 850g/sqm block-out white or 950g/sqm transparent fabric.
  • Wall Material: 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC Canvas, Sandwich Panel, ABS Solid Wall, Color Steel Panel.
  • Features: Waterproof, UV resistance, Fire Retardant
    (EU:DIN4102,B1,M2 / US:NFPA701)

Components: Superior Enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel.

Product Dimension


M15 15x20m
(Side Wall: 650g/sqm White Canvas)
M20 20x20m
(Side Wall: Transparent ABS Panel)
M25 25x20m
(Side Wall: White ABS Panel)
M30 30x35m
(Side Wall: 850g/sqm Block-out PVC)
Model Width (m) Eave Height (m) Ridge Height (m) Bay Distance (m) Longest Part (m) Max wind load
M015005 15 3.95 6.40 5 8.10 100km/h
M016005 16 3.95 6.55 5 8.60 100km/h
M020005 20 3.95 7.30 5 10.70 100km/h
M021005 21 3.95 7.35 5 11.20 100km/h
M025005 25 3.95 7.96 5 10.70 100km/h
L030005 30 4.03 8.84 5 10.62 120km/h
L035005 35 4.03 9.80 5 10.62 120km/h
L040005 40 4.03 10.40 5 10.62 120km/h
L050005 50 4.08 13.90 5 13.16 120km/h

*Customized design on size can also be made to meet specific need.