Custom Designed Pop Up Retail Tent to Start A Business

Thermo Tent & Geodesic Dome Series for Pop Up Retail Tent

Pop up retail also known as pop-up store or flash retailing, is a trend of opening short-term sales shop. It is a collection of shops, or an event that opens quickly in a temporary location and is intended to operate for a short period of time. Such a business model also works for pop up cinema, cafe, resturant. And Shelter offer two kinds of pop up retail tent in a unique appearence for your business. Both the Geodesic Dome and the Inflatable Thermo Roof Tent are perfect for brand graphics priting to make your shop be seen from miles away. You can also choose other kinds of tents such as the arch roof tent, classic “A” frame marqee, bellend marquee, hexagon & octagon to start your own pop up business.

Why a pop up retail tent is perfect for you business

The truly qualified pop up store should be:

  • Use an empty or under-used space.
  • Be time-limited, with clear start and end dates.
  • Not aim for permanence.
  • Be designed for demountability and ease of removal.
  • Have the potential to transfer to a different site.

And Shelter sales pop up retail tent for temporary or semi-permanent usages. Our tents are framed with hard press extruded aluminum alloy and connected with steel components giving it well performance in durability. It is a modular structures that can be easily installed and disassembled into parts within days or even hours. And the longest part of a tent won’t be over 10m which also provide convenience for long way transportation.

Bring Creativity into Your Pop Up Retail Tent

We offer multiple shapes for you pop yo retail tent. You can not only choose the tent shapes, size,color of the covering tarpaulin, but also print a custom design logo or a brand graphics. We have a professional designing team offering 3D mock up for you order. If you need someone to make the dreamed pop up store a reality, then Shelter is your choice!
Contact with us to get custom design service and more details.


Geodesic Dome Data


(Half Transparent, Half paque Dome Tent )
(Wholly Transparent Dome)
(Glass Dome House)
(Geodesic Dome Covered with Polycarbonate Sheets )
Diameter (m) Covering Area (m2) Frame Material Cover Material Windows
5 19.63 Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6 (Stainless);
Round Net Base (Optional);
Steel Connectors.
Optional Material
650g/sqm, 950g/sqm PVC Tarpaulin;
Reinforced Glass;
Polycarbonate Panel;
Aluminum Composite Panel;
Solar Panel.
Triangle Pieces.
Color Options for PC Panel
Dark gray; Dark green; Blue; Black;
Triangle Windows on the Top;
Openable Windows on the side;
Eletric Drive Windows
Aluminum Single & Double Wing Doors;
Aluminum Folding Doors
6 28.26
7 38.48
8 50.24
9 63.59
10 78.50
15 176.6
20 314
25 490.6
30 706.5

Double Decker Thermo Tent

thermo pop up retail tent

F25 25x25m
(Inflatable Thermo Roof for  Branding)
D25 25x25x8m
(Double Decker Thermo Tent in 8m Side Height )
F15 15x45m
(Custom Design Thermo Tent for Benz)
F20 20x20m
(Thermo Tent with Flat Side for Branding)
Model Width
Eave Heightl
Ridge Height
Bay Distance
Longest Part
Max Wind Load
Thermo Tent Series
F010005 10 3.95 4.67 5 6.00 100km/h
F015005 15 3.95 5.07 5 8.10 100km/h
F020005 20 3.95 5.07 5 10.70 100km/h
F025005 25 3.95 2.10 5 10.70 100km/h
Double Decker Series
D010005 10 8.00 9.80 5 5.40 120km/h
D015005 15 8.00 10.60 5 7.90 120km/h
D020005 20 8.00 11.50 5 10.70 120km/h
D025005 25 8.00 12.20 5 10.70 120km/h
D030005 30 8.00 13.00 5 10.70 120km/h

*Customized design on size can also be made to meet specific need.




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