How to choose an Insulated Sidewall System to Your Warehouse?

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What’s the differences among PVC Fabric, Corrugate Wall Panel, Sandwich Panel and ABS Panel?


What material should be used to enclose sidewall of a warehouse tent?

The extensive applications of the prefabricated warehouse tents help plants, production and processing enterprises solve urgent needs in more warehousing and production space. After deciding the warehouse tent type, the dimension including width length, and height, what kind of material to use on the side wall system should be taken into consideration.

Although the temporary structures are used for the same purpose of emergency warehouses, different goods might still slightly different requirements to their storage environment. That’s why the configuration of a storage tent, as well as the wall system, should be based on practical situation.
You might wanna know whether this sidewall material is waterproof, snow load, sun-shading? How about the thickness and hardness? Is it easy to install? How long can it serve?
Don’t rush. Let’s compare different side wall material and help you make a suitable warehouse solution.

What’s the differences among PVC Fabric, Corrugate Wall Panel, Sandwich Panel and ABS Panel?

At present, the materials we supply for building modular wall systems are PVC coated polyester fabric, Corrugated metal wall ( also called Trapezoidal steel panel), ABS Industrial Wall Panel, and Sandwich Panel.

Storage Tent with PVC Tarp

(PVC coated polyester membrane Available in dimensions of 650g/sqm and 850g/sqm )



  • The tensile membrane fabric is coated with polyvinyl chloride, which allows it to be waterproof, sun-blocking, flame retardant, tear resistance.
  • The installation location is not restricted. Anchors can be inserted on any solid ground.
  • Rapid implement. Such a fabric warehouse tent can be installed within hours or days with the help of little labor.


  • As the surrounding is not completely enclosed, so the goods might still be damaged when coming across heavy rain. That might requires a preset cement foundation to better protect the goods.
  • The PVC tarp can serve 8 years more or less. At that time, you may need to replace it with new tarpaulin.

Such a warehouse structure surrounding with vinyl tarp would absolutely offer a more cost-effective solution. It is the bulk storage building for salt fertilizer, warehousing shed tent for large construction/industrial equipment or general dry storage warehouse that do not have specific requirements to temperature and humidity. It can also be used for military/army field warehouse structures that ask for quick response.

Industrial Warehouse with Trapezoidal Steel Wall



  • Using large pieces of wall panels will not only reduce seams in between but also greatly improve impermeable performance.
  • The cost of trapezoidal steel wall is slightly higher than the PVC tarps, which makes it still relatively cost-effective.


  • Regular painting maintenance is required to extend service life
  • Poor at insulation performance.

Compared to the warehouse with PVC wall, the storage building with a trapezoidal steel wall system is proven to prevent water penetration, and more durable. Therefore, this will make the better option for a commercial temporary storage structure, a valued equipment storage or even an Industrial & Logistics Loading Tent.

Durable Warehouse Tent with ABS Industrial Wall



  • In addition to waterproof, the ABS panel also has a good hardness, impact resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and durability.
  • Easy to build. This is a Modular wall system. All the ABS panel will be prefabricated in our factory. We had reserved space for the slots during the manufacturing process. All you need to do is insert the ABS panel to the right position.
  • Nice appearance. It is not just a durable warehouse tent, but also applicable as a corporation event tent.


  • The white panel will slightly turn to yellow after long-term exposure to the sunlight.
  • The price is higher than PVC tarp and steel panel wall.

Compared with PVC coated polyester fabric, the ABS panel wall is more secure and stable. It also becomes one of the mostly used industrial wall systems. The warehouse tent with ABS wall is more suitable for a semi-permanent warehouse or for storing products like chemicals that needed to be kept from heat and light. Because of its durability, this type of clear span structure is also used as distribution building, manufacturing and processing workshop building.

Semi permanent Storage Building with Sandwich Panel



  • The wall panel itself has superior performance in waterproof thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire retardant.
  • Achieving goal in building warehouse structure in higher quality, more efficient and more reliable and durable.


  • Because of the properties of the insulation layer, the sandwich panel should be kept away from water before installation.
  • The strength of the panel is lower than that of the ABS wall.

The sandwich panel with rockwool insulation layer does not only applied to temporary structure industry but also widely used in the architecture field. It helps you build the fabric warehouse structure in higher quality, more reliable and durable. If you are asking for an insulation, temperature controlled warehouse structure, or temporary structure for warehouse supermarket this might give the ideal wall solution.

Temporary Warehouse Structure Solutions Based on Your Actual Needs

All those modular wall systems are prefabricated in SHELTER’s factory. They can be directly installed to enclose the frame tents right away, on project location.

Essential warehouse facilities like air conditioners, security doors, ventilation windows, warehouse lighting can also be provided and installed in all warehouses tents, to improve the configuration of the warehouse, and meet the requirements of more types of products on warehousing.

For more than that, those storage tent warehouses do not only come in standard dimension but also customized friendly. All that you need to do is telling us the width length and height, or a total covering footage and send the inquiry.

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